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Thursday, 16. November 2017

Why The Flyaway Fringe Is Party Season's Coolest Hairstyle
By be86, 10:25

Something amazing has happened. The A-list have adopted a hairstyle that is both easy for mere mortals to replicate and in doing so works with the elements. All hail the flyaway fringe.

This week alone, Amber Heard, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart have all sported the windswept look, proving its credentialswith long, midi and short hair lengths.

At the LA premiere of The Justice League, Heard took a graphic execution, sporting a punky up-do with a side-swept pointed quiff. The perfect partner to a tuxedo this party season, this power hairstyle oozes a cool, androgynous confidence.

Meanwhile Lawrence, at the Governors Awards, wore a messy bun with ample volume thanks to her wavy flyaway fringe. This is the perfect example of a slightly softer take on the trend which would pair well with a dress or two-piece.

Stewart's version is actually part-and-parcel of a trick for growing out her pixie cut, which as anyone who's had one will confirm is notoriously difficult. Her modern mullet sports bleach at the length and fringe, which she wore gelled back at the MoMA Film Benefit Presented by Chanel. It makes her hairstyle look both unique and utterly of the moment, and would easily sharpen up any outfit.

To recreate the flyaway fringe, the long-haired should arm themselves with a can of Hair by Sam McKnight's Cool Girl Texturising Spray, while the Fudge Professional Hair Shaper, a strong-hold styling wax, would work wonders on short hair. And don't be afraid of getting caught in a gale the more wind, the better.

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Monday, 26. July 2010

bird flu fatality
By be86, 05:24

A 13-year-old Indonesian girl has died of bird flu in Central Java province of Indonesia, bringing the death toll to 138, spokesperson of Health Ministry said here Friday, as the outbreak has declined recently.

The girl died on June 24, after being treated at a hospital in the province, the spokesperson said.

"Laboratory tests showed that the girl was positively infected by avian flu," Tri Tarayati told Xinhua by phone.

The confirmation brought the total case of avian influenza to 167 in Indonesia, she said.

It is not clear whether the girl has had contact with poultry, which had been the common cause of the H5N1 death in the archipelago country. But one week before the girl suffered from the illness her family's chickens died and the bodies were thrown away at the back yard of her house, said Tarayati.

The girl first showed the symptoms of the disease on June 14 as she had fever, cough and headache, she said.

On June 21 she was treated at a hospital and suffered high fever for two days and then she was shifted to another hospital two days later, the spokesperson said.

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Monday, 05. July 2010

By be86, 10:16

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Monday, 28. December 2009

Suitable for 7 sets of Yoga that beginners made
By be86, 11:03

Suitable for 7 sets of Yoga that beginners made
 As the beginner, if without carpet, all facilities that you need are only a comfortable towel or mat for you to couch on the floor. It wears clothes to be should spacious and soft and enough to make you make movement any unrestricted. As for time, besides one or two hours on a full stomach, can go on in any time for morning, afternoon or evening.

1.Touch the head and lie flat on the floor with the knee (or on thin mat or towel) Pick up a leg, and crooked knee puts hands on the shank, draw to the body softly. Touch the knee softly with the head. Do alternatively for several times repeating with another leg. Very soft, the time that especially begin to do. Such simple exercise can strengthen the abdominal muscle, stretch and draw " The leg tendon " Muscles, can also strengthen the neck, waist and sacral bone department of your backbone position.

2.Breast-stroke: This is another kind of simple yoga movement. Sit on the floor, two soles come together, one pair of knees is separated comfortably. Catch the foot and step on and touch the leg with the head softly; Such simple exercise can strengthen the flexibility of the pelvis position, stretch the inside which draws the thigh. The yoga practises being can be used for oxygenation and moved (aerohics) And then calmly adjustment.

3.Cobra: Prostrate, the ability to move around comes together. Two palms are put under the shoulder, the figer tip mustn't go beyond the shoulder too far. Mainly use the muscles of the back (instead of the muscles of arms) Mention the chest leaves the floor, look up on the ceiling upwards. Still use the muscles of the back, join the back a bit higher. Feel the navel is pressed to the floor. Put this kind of posture relaxedly, keep for 10 to 20 seconds. You can feel precisely pain under the back disappear. Subsequently, get back to floor, turn into face translate, come over both hands slowly very much, the palm is relaxed for 20 seconds before repeating complete movements upwards.

4.Cicada type: Prostrate, god place both arms on the body both sides directly, the palm is downward, legs joined, lift the chest, the eyes lift both arms and both legs to leave the floor at the same time towards the ceiling. Both arms to behind,in this way you might feel it try take off sets of plane, or look like the superman while flying. When you are by keeping the equilibrium in the middle of belly, enjoy this kind " Hover " Feeling 10 second,normal breathing. Guarantee knee and leg come together. Originally, you will find it very apt to collect the chest higher than the leg. Right. Through practising, your leg still can be lifted higher. Subsequently, put slowly, turn the head to on one side, the palm is turned up, relax for 20 seconds. Then repeat once. Can try to only stay for 5 seconds the first several times, then keep the shaping until 10 seconds gradually. Like cobra's movement, likewise pain right to dispel under the back is beneficial for cicada type movements.

5.Type both feet come together, stand upright half month, two arm hold over the head, palm close up, thumb hand in, * hold with a firm grip, face upward head, chin forward, two arm hold under the arm ears stretch to the sky closely. Then it is in it is at you range to be can met,it is slowly as much as possible to after both arms and healths crooked, keep both arms straight and upright and breathe normally. Behind concentrating attention on the neck, have become bow-shaped relaxedly. It need practise like this only several week later,can try step forward you to after the crooked. This was finished through thigh, belly and hip spreading you forward as much as possible. At this moment, you will feel that there is one kind of to stretch feeling drawn on waist back. Want normal breathing on this seat, relax for several seconds, then slowly get back to the position of centre. When you go back to the location, repeat movements of lifting the arm described above again, then begin the exercise of the next section. Bend over and catch the underpart of the shank forward now, make the forehead close to the knee. Finally, the goal is to enable forehead to touch the knee.
But will accomplish this, it may take some time. Keeping this posture for 5 seconds when at the beginning, can keep this posture to 10 seconds when you get ready. While doing all these movements, will slowly move forward according to your pace, only need to improve a bit every day. Get back to the upright position in the centre slowly, put down both arms slow and graceful. Practise, begin to do single times of movement for several week twice repeatedly. This movement can not only make muscles resume vigor of much provinces but also can also improve the flexibility of the backbone. This picture cheer for your mechanical part of body, give one of you become young feeling very. The more you insist on practising it once every day, the more you will feel youngly.

6.Eagle type: In this posture, you should breathe naturally with rapt attention, and enter this posture freely, don't consider the posture, in this way you can feel that it seems that one's own nest occupy into it. Step up 4 feet left with the right foot at the beginning, it is equal to lift two arms and ground, the palm is downward. Tiptoe forward, it is straight and upright but stiff for knee to keep. After several times, you may step up 5 feet, that is easier to accomplish to you, then make the foot get back to 4 feet of distances, make you feel more comfortable with this kind of posture. Bend over forward now, and tight Feng catch * nearly place of heel under ankle, all closed finger hand, Thumbs Up, outside the foot, the labour contractor lowers and is close to both legs. Now, with the flagging pulling force of replacing hands naturally of upper part of the body's own weight, you will pay attention to to the end even lower satisfiedly at this moment. Relax thereupon, let you among the posture" The nest occupies " 5 to 10 seconds. Finally, you can improve this kind of posture through the following method: Guarantee the distance among both feet is 4 feet, but not 5 feet, the buttock is lifted a little higher, have lowland more flagging to reach place heads. Finally, you can make the head touch to the floor, but that will spend some time possibly. Once accomplish this, you can enjoy this kind of health and enter the relaxed state that three feet support, and really feel youth is being revived.

7.Relax: The last movement is just like your dessert after a meal. It is the easiest with thorough relaxing, but just as other movements important. All things that you need to do are to face upward and lie down, two arms are placed on the body both sides comfortably, palm upwards, two legs separate comfortably. Close eyes, and relax as much as possible, only imagine your body very heavy. Imagine yourself looking like a heavy lead lump and are totally supported by the floor. Keep this posture for several minutes (or fix at will) . If you like, can hear the music that can play a calm role too. This is a thing that can be fixed according to your yourself hobby. If you can regard these movements as the daily basic exercise for at least two months, you will begin to experience the obvious feeling that a kind of youth recovers. Generally speaking, you will feel the body has been freed from the tense situation, become more pliable and more tough, healthier. You will also feel psychology is more balanced, more steady, not merely feel good on the human body, and feel good on spirit too.
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Can high-temperature yoga reduce weight?
By be86, 11:02

Can high-temperature yoga reduce weight?
These two years, every large fashionable health club of high-temperature yoga and yoga hall. The yoga practise under artificial high-temperature environment, several simple extension movement or even lie, move in ground, all right profuse sweating, it is not difficult for a lesson to get off thin kilogram, the people who want to reduce weight all see the hope from it.

High-temperature yoga is really in this way "  Efficacious" ? Actually this is not so.

Under the high temperature on the body, the blood flows into the epidermis and helps to dispel the heat naturally, if spread sports with time, muscles need blood to offer energy, in addition, the body sweat in a large amount, dehydrate rapidly, the blood becomes sticky, so not merely can't be that the skin dispels the heat at the same time and muscle movement offering energy, it is uncomfortable that the body may present a succession of instead.

What's more, yoga stresses the mental state is gentle, and the high temperature will cause stress, one's own gentle disposition with yoga is acted counter to.

In fact, it is to deduct " the fat " to reduce weight ,But not moisture. A lot of people find after high-temperature yoga course, the weight can be reduced by about 1 kilogram, think that reduces weight, this is to mislead.

High-temperature environment, the health maintains the normal physiological function, know the perspiration more, but this does not mean burning the fat. In fact, this is " deducted " Weight,majority for moisture,must supplement it come back and they.

Secondly, if reduce weight effectively, should satisfy three primary conditions:

China low aerobic, whole body sport, over 20 o'clock such as continuation of of intensity.

To the last two, yoga can be satisfied, but can't satisfy article 1.

Aerobic it refers to to be little to take exercises intensity, duration long, internal supersession have sport way in which oxygen fully participates in in the course, the common one runs, swims, rides a bicycle etc..

We, while doing the aerobics for a long time, the health will be put to use at the same time glycogenically with the fat, when movement intensity is for about 65% of the greatest oxygen intake quantity, the health depends on * fat energy supplies more. Yoga is not high to the endurance of heart and lungs, training value of muscular endurance. So, high-temperature yoga is not aerobics, the intensity is not large enough either that move, therefore the weight-reducing result is not big. RELATED LINKS:  Learn MandarinCantonese CourseLearning CantoneseLearning MandarinMandarin LearningLearn MandarinPutonghua Course學普通話

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Monday, 24. August 2009

soldier of rifle tight
By be86, 09:39

  I tell you a story.    
    That year earthquake, house go bankrupt, aslant aslant narrow a narrow one. At that time, they were newly-married soon. He is the officer based in locality, she is a teacher of primary school. When they put the wine, like to overturn the heavens in the military camp, it is difficult for the marriage wife joining the army. Small soldier watch brilliant red she, saliva so gluttonous that have 1 meter long totally.    
    The earthquake is very violent, many people have died, it is hot, a lot of sources of water are polluted. Water of earning a bare living in order to guarantee residents, he is sent the local water works to be stationed. Though is her school near the water works, he has not taken liberty with one's job one step. The third day, she is shouldered from the ruins by his soldier. The soldier put her by the pond. Until edge one a dense mass of crowd in pond, crowd whether one circle hold steel soldier of rifle tight.    
    Thirsty. Everybody's eyes all stared at the bright water in this Wangqing before having in mind, but nobody dared to take one step forward. The soldier is planning to report and try to put down some water to him, but she but because the extreme  one stands up very thirstily and rolls into the pond. She is dragged for by the soldier. She is looking at he coming up to her with vigorous strides, cuts the hair with wet forehead, just wanted to show the gratified smile. He draws rifles, nearly pulls the trigger subconsciously. Military orders cannot be disobeyed.    
    Shoo away a sound of ground.    

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Monday, 06. July 2009

In addition
By be86, 08:47

In addition, professor's attention and kindness to the author to this book of summer of editor-in-chief of Guangxi publishing house of normal university He Lin, director Song TieSha publishes and popularizes valid whole planning and commands for this book, what responsible editor's the Huang 's grew to plan to edit Li MaoJun and " design the line map in life " cooperated, let me know the reason why this society becomes the star of publish circle. 
U.S.A. " whether national job develop guilding principle " editor group free gift and post, come, count volume " national job develop guilding principle "; Story-book stand the publishing company sends a suit of pupil's vocational education books free; The daughter's library of primary school of mountain of university of Alma Mater lets me borrow more thanten books that pupil's job development guided for a long time, have offered very great convenience for originally writing and doing. 
A lot of backgrounds of true story narrated, stem from my friends who my daughter of a lot of company grew up in this book. I want to thank you: 
Li HePing, Mr. and Mrs. Xu Bo treat my daughter the same like the adult

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Friday, 19. June 2009

The nephew finished breakfast
By be86, 05:50

The nephew finished breakfast and asked mother and me to stand up and have a dinner the next morning of a¥. I brushed teeth in front of reaching the faucet, the nephew suddenly asked me loudly indoor: "Uncle! How to wake up my milk? " a¥ 
I brush teeth ability to speak it says to be too tired at yesterday perhaps unclear. a¥'s nephew serves breakfast on the desk, I went to mother shout gently for two times. Mother has not reacted, I raise the voice to call for two times again, mother has not still reacted. I have wondered, mother improves the voice in one's ear to call for two times to gather the face to, mother has not reacted. I hold hand of mother subconsciously, hand to feel her very cool, heart can't help " flop " Jump arbitrarily. a¥ I jump to mother, general of bed, support, stand up, wash she call a few words loudly immediately. Mother is angry like the ground of balance spring "  The drone " Each,open eyes, sight to watch, close again immediately. a¥ I know trouble to be far from good, let the nephew go to the outside to let the car come immediately. I pin mother's philtrum hard, am calling her constantly. Aunt, landlord of a¥, run over in a hurry, she is shaking mother's both hands hard. Mother opened the eyes at last, I wanted her to be a bit more sober. Say hard like her somniloquy, sleep for a moment. I remind her not to sleep loudly, she " eh " . a¥'s nephew calls a Taxi, everybody lifts mother into car in a frantic rush. Nephew and I call out mother in the car ceaselessly, until 309 hospitals. I see a¥ the doctor advances mother in the first aid room, become nervous in the heart swiftly. Men doctor of the last one in several minutes a¥ comes out to ask who is the relative from the first aid room, I sit chair at the gate of first aid room answer dish flurried: "I am. " a¥   
Man's heart is like the sea  Tide of need surfing

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Wednesday, 27. May 2009

In the American school
By be86, 09:38

In the American school, the most unwelcome one is the students of the bookworm type, this kind of student is referred to as " the nerve book worm " . And another achievement is mediocre, but develop overall students, is often favored by everybody, encouraged by elder. So, if you hold U.S.A., hear the child in any ordinary family, versed in both literature and military affairs, it is a top-notch player at the pitch, is a past master of the piano solo; The spirit that it is mathematics, is the expert of painting, just not at all surprising. 
Time flies. In an instant, daughter Anne has already entered study of grade three of high school. This year is an American high school in four years, most tense, the busiest year. In this year, all students who planned to rise up into the university to take an advanced study, must all participate in " SAT " of the university Admission examination,this it is academic for test of level since every one comprehensive. Score their becomes a project playing an important role in multiple standards of the admission students of all university. Secondly, it is students that will choose and confirm the university yearned for oneself. Each graduate can apply for eight universities and colleges at the same time. And the entry application form of each university, the form is different, the content is various. In the application form of each university, will add a composition by the proposition of every university. The quality of this composition, extraordinary, the style of the article shows the character of the author, so depth, broadness and its novel intensity of the article, whether becoming could enter the essential part of the ideal university. Finally, will enclose teachers' recommendation of two high schools. Students in each application university take closing date before every university applies, finish every job described above. However, while the students did the work, will carry on every day's normal study and have an examination. So each pressure of child big to be well imagined. 
With a described above to work at the same time carrying on one being interview, i.e. each student want, carry on a face-to-face talk with university Professor come oned to appoint applied. If a student applies for eight schools, there is interview eight times. The time, place, content to speak face to face all vary with each individual. Person that spoke face to face comes with students in these, are all with the old graduate of every the first university, teach among different university of place now, they whether pieces of every university enroll new students ears and eyes that the committee extended. They will write the impression on each student as written evaluation, become an important index that the university enrolls. 
After one thing of the is finished according to time and order, waited the good news quietly. In four second term in grade such as high school probably, at the annual a March, admission notices of each university arrive one after another. 
Through the efforts for many years, daughter Anne's achievement is very gratifying. She graduates from a local high school with long and very challenging history, and the high school average achievement (GPA4a± 0) of four years Rank first among more than 600 graduates of the whole grade. She is enrolled by University of Pennsylvania one of the famous Chinese ivy universities of U.S.A. as what is desired, have also won the great amount of scholarship. 
Because Anne is transcendent, the achievement is outstanding, the media of Memphis of Tennessee State pays close attention to its height, on the local newspaper, have introduced the deed that she goes to school under her photo by a wide margin all the way, moreover, she receives the interview of the local radio station. Only favour it to the person making unremitting efforts to improve oneself luckily, only come over the person who has done some preparations in opportunity, and succeed in only showing appreciation for the person making unceasing progress. 
On May 6, 2003, it was a graduation ceremony of the high school that Anne studied in. That is a the beginning of summer at the end in the spring, everything in the nature has a kind of captivating, peculiar beauty, that is a kind of a kind of beauty which is different from gaudy spring. If U.S.A. for spring, U.S.A. compete in beauty in one hundred grass, early summer beautiful to compete green in everything while being American right away. The nature is with its strange appearance, the splendid attire beautiful is being wrapped, send warm congratulation and regard here for young students. 
That day, in stadium of ten thousand people in the city center, sat and wore the holiday best, hold to flowers, seething with joy parents, relative and friends in hands. Of one beautiful moving graduation march, one team wear getting white to graduate clothes, wear getting white to graduate square great number of disciples of cap line up and appear, take in 600 graduate foremost little daughter Anne like the us angels. 
18 year old of Annes, grow up to be, have delicate features, deport oneself gracefully, character spoil flower take the picture ink when being unoccupied and quiet dignified, let people view amiable, see forget vulgar. She is stepping slim and graceful paces, moves towards the rostrum, make a speech on behalf of all graduates. Her voice is light but not weak, happy and does not float, low but not stagnat, reverberate in the hall for a long time, agitating everyone's heart deeply. 
At this moment, present thousands upon thousands mother, have how much people brimful of tears, tidal surge of emotion rise and fall, feel all sorts of feelings well up? This tear, this is joyful, not other things, have women only for my family to grow up for the first time, they will spread the wings to soar soon, will fly to another brand-new stage in life.   

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The knowledge learnt
By be86, 09:37

The knowledge learnt must be accepted and examined, this is a kind of challenge to every student. Big and small test and examination of the American high school, nearly have everyday. And as noted previously, American school weigh a student's achievement, does not adopt the disposable one, but use the method to accumulate. In other words, each student at school homework each time, test, examine and each take certain percentage. When academic year finishing, according to achievement each time for usual, give a result of general comment just. In this case, the homework and quality examined each time of every student, can influence the general comment achievement in the future. And the general comment achievement of four years of high school, influence and can rise up into the good university in the future directly, get a series of important issues such as the great amount of scholarship. Every child quality of marks of the examination, except with to learn knowledge master intensity have something to do, the psychology that the more important thing is to take an examination, it often plays a decisive role in examining. A child's self-respect, confidence, cultivation improving oneself, supporting oneself, and the forming of personality not at the last moment messy, calm and steady, not all the thing overnight, but it is obtaining towards the efforts of sunset daily at every stages that the child grew up. In Anne's growth, because we pay attention to the cultivation of her self-confidence, and treat the training of the good psychology of the success or failure, she can take an examination with the gentle psychology all the time. She is thought, each examination question having an examination in one has its purpose, can never be beyond the scope of study at ordinary times, some are only highly different from direction. So, meeting it difficult problem each time she, is it the calm in total energy in the face of,turn danger into safety, it is embarrass easy not to melt, therefore has guaranteed she, in four years of the high school, the annual total average achievement ranks the first place of the whole grade. 
Anne besides Chinese and English, take the study of the third language again after entering the high school, i.e. Latin. Founder that Latin is an old language, and many kinds of languages in the world. Though Latin has eliminate been out world the languaged slowly already with the development of times, but formed after it develops nowadays the practical language is innumerable. The vocabulary of Latin is very miscellaneous, a word will often have a dozen letters that were made up sometimes. To the study and mastering of Latin, can open up the English vocabulary greatly, playing a function promoted and promoted on the studying of English. For this reason, as soon as Anne repairs Latin, is four years. 
If divorced from its history and culture to the study of any kind of language, the language will become dry as dust, even will present the state giving up halfway. Fortunately, U.S.A. has all adopted the role law to the study of any kind of foreign language. The role law is to study by method of playing a a certain role, it is a practicality, operational and very strong learning method. It can through exchange question and answer, mode talk, theme report, tell story, perform essay and go abroad large kind of visiting etc. study actually, to strengthen the brain cognition, absorption of knowledge and deal with, and then strengthen understanding of knowledge and impression. The knowledge that its greatest advantage lies in to let "  Activate " Stand up, " reticent material " to one pile ,Try every means to let students enter the original creator's thinking field again, go to perceive the spiritual essences of these materials. 
In the study of Anne and her classmates Latin in four yearses, have held the joint performance many times. They had everybody a pair of calico lists and countless safety pins at that time. They will be wrapped up in the calico list the body very skillfully, and then fix well with the safety pin, dressed up as the ancient Romans who is spoken Latin of the meetings, perform short drama vivid, with lifelike image out another. The parents of other students and I will go to watch their performance, in this kind of activity, student, teacher and parents, it reach you for one kind want I,move scene feeling, make a comprehensive study and a thorough master of, the realm of getting along swimmingly with each other. In this way, literature of Latin for four years is practised, can be full of interest, rhythmical. In 2001, Anne was " my grandmother " with the question that the copy clerk in Latin wrote The article, win the first place of the whole Tennessee State Latin composition match. 
Every child growing up in U.S.A. knows, the extracurricular activities of the American school are abundant, extensive and general, that is well known. Divide from kind: First, a academic one, i.e. including natural science, mathematics, writing, school bulletin edit, argue to the corporation; Second, recreational, i.e. modern drama society, chorus, band, dance team, photography society, painting society; Third, movable, i.e. various balls, gymnastic team, swimming team, boxing team,etc.. Therefore has just produced various competitions. All students have the right according to one's own hobby, the corporation choosing oneself to like. Each kind of activity has special teachers and are responsible for. Daughter Anne is during high school, the activity that successively participated in the writing, argued the corporation etc.. In addition, because she has repaired and practised the piano since the childhood, is deeply in love with music, from grade five of primary school, acknowledge sb. as one's master and study the French horn formally. Reach high school stage, blow excellent in voice and affection already, among contest, become first France horn of joint performance, teenagers of Tennessee State, and has been serving as the player of the chief French horn in teenagers' orchestra, Memphis all the time.   

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